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Analyzing Giridhari Prospera’s outdoor ad campaign



At 9th Ray Studios, we embarked on a transformative journey with a luxury real estate developer to elevate brand presence and promote the upscale villa project, "Giridhari Prospera," in Hyderabad. With a keen focus on targeting high-profile audiences and luxury segments, our campaign spanned six months, leveraging strategic outdoor media placements and innovative designs.

Client's Objectives

Our client approached us with clear objectives:

1. Establish a strong brand presence for Giridhari Prospera across Hyderabad.

2. Target high-income group (HIG) audiences and luxury segment clientele.

3. Implement a phased media promotion strategy over six months.

4. Utilize a mix of outdoor media formats to maximize coverage.

5. Generate interest and inquiries for Giridhari Prospera.


Campaign Strategy

Phase One: Initial Targeting

In the initial phase, we proposed leveraging the Outer Ring Road (ORR) to access potential buyers, particularly around the Kismathpur location where Giridhari Prospera was situated. We strategically placed digital screens at ORR tolls and junctions, along with outdoor media formats in Narsingi and Neopolis. This phase aimed to establish initial brand visibility and attract attention from the affluent IT crowd and commercial business segments frequenting the ORR.

Phase Two: Citywide Expansion

Expanding beyond the ORR, the second phase targeted luxury clientele across Hyderabad. This comprehensive approach included a diverse range of media formats such as metro pillars, bus shelters, and premium malls. We selected strategic locations near luxury car showrooms, hospitals, and business hubs to maximize exposure to the target audience. Close collaboration with the client's management and creative team ensured alignment with brand guidelines and the development of impactful designs.

Campaign Execution

Our execution strategy was marked by meticulous planning and attention to detail. Rigorous site inspections were conducted to identify prime locations that would maximize visibility and impact. Each media format was strategically chosen to resonate with the luxury segment audience and align with the client's brand image.

In collaboration with the client's management and creative team, we ensured that every design element adhered to brand guidelines while also pushing boundaries to create visually stunning and attention-grabbing advertisements. This collaborative effort led to the development of innovative designs that stood out amidst the clutter of urban advertising spaces.

Furthermore, the deployment of high-impact media solutions at competitive prices showcased our commitment to delivering value to the client. Close monitoring and regular maintenance of advertising assets ensured that the campaign maintained its effectiveness throughout its duration.

Results and Impact

The impact of the campaign exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression on both the client and the target audience. Increased brand visibility across Hyderabad was evident, with Giridhari Prospera becoming synonymous with luxury and exclusivity in the minds of consumers.

The positive feedback received from the client's business circle spoke volumes about the campaign's effectiveness in elevating the client's brand image and generating interest in Giridhari Prospera. Notably, the campaign led to a significant uptick in inquiries and leads for the luxury villa project, surpassing the client's initial projections.

Beyond immediate results, the campaign laid the groundwork for long-term success, with the client expressing satisfaction and a willingness to consider future collaborations with 9th Ray Studios. This endorsement underscores the trust and confidence instilled by our exceptional execution of the outdoor advertising campaign.

Overall, the campaign's impact extended far beyond mere brand visibility, driving tangible business outcomes and positioning Giridhari Prospera as a premier destination for discerning buyers seeking luxury living experiences in Hyderabad. Through strategic execution and a relentless focus on delivering results, 9th Ray Studios demonstrated the transformative power of outdoor advertising in shaping perceptions and driving engagement in the competitive real estate market.